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Alberta Organizations & Service Providers

Here for your benefit are links to the preeminent ADR organizations, agencies and companies involved in mediation/arbitration within the province of Alberta.

The Academy has worked cooperatively with various bodies to ensure that only the most experienced professionals are included in our member roster. Note though that there are no Bar requirements for formal certification for the private practice of mediation or arbitration in this province.



Many civil cases in Alberta are overseen by court-administered judicial ADR programs...
For more information on court related ADR, please visit the Courts website here.

Local ADR Associations

ADR Institute of Alberta

The Alberta Chapter of the ADR Institute of Canada, ADRIA is a non-profit association for mediators and arbitrators. Its function is to provide the public with the means to resolve disputes of all kinds through mediation, arbitration and other voluntary methods, and to act as a national centre of information, education and research on dispute resolution.

ADRIA seeks to assist members of the public in finding ADR professionals, providing an online directory of mediators and arbitrators with various levels of experience and qualifications - most neutrals listed are non-lawyers, many with experience in family disputes. ADRIA has certification procedures, C.Med and C.Arb, which ensures competency levels for accredited members. The Institute also provides a regulatory infrastructure that includes a Code of Ethics and a Code of Conduct for Mediators that set high standards of practice, as well as providing a complaint and discipline process for any dissatisfied user of ADR services.

Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society (AAMS)

AAMS was incorporated as a non-profit in April, 1982 under the Societies Act of Alberta. A registered charity, AAMS helps raise public awareness of the ways in which different forms of dispute resolution can assist the public or businesses. For more information, please visit www.aams.ab.ca

Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

Canada's Top Rated Civil Mediators & Arbitrators

Need a mediator or arbitrator from outside of Alberta? CADN is pleased to recognize the most experienced civil/commercial neutrals around the country, as put forward by local litigators. Please feel free to visit our National Directory at www.Mediators.ca

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